Here are some of the questions which have frequently been asked by customers. The Hyride customer service managers have made answering them more convenient.

What does the customer’s rating represent?

It is an indicator of your performance as a driver, and it allows other customers to decide whether or not they want to ride with you.

How does the credit card system work?

Hyride makes use of the passenger's credit card information to process the fare, and this may be subject to a credit card processing fee as well.

How do I become a driver?

It’s simple; you just have to fill out an application on our website with all the relevant information.

What do I do in case of any misbehavior on the part of the driver?

Contact Hyride customer services and report the incident immediately so that they can look into it.


Handling it

You should keep calm and call the police if you have been through an accident while riding a Hyride vehicle.

Report it

Make sure you contact Customer Services and report the accident.

For the Driver

Do not admit your responsibility and do not disclose any of your policy limits.

Accident Information Form

The driver should fill this form out once the accident has been reported.

Requirements of Drivers

Drivers are required to be above the legal driving age, and they must have a valid driver's license to become a Hyride driver.

Boston, Our Main City

Hyride provides most of its services to the people of Boston and surrounding areas as this allows for convenient management and a guarantee of higher quality services.

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