How We Ensure Safety

Hyride tries its best to provide riders and drivers with a safe and comfortable ride by giving different security measures.


All our drivers are required to submit their fingerprints in case of any mishap.

Security Cameras

All of the Hyride cars have security cameras installed (for the drivers’ and passengers’ safety).

SOS Button

Passengers are provided with an in-app SOS button that would communicate to the passenger’s emergency contact that something has happened.


Hyride Partners Provides $1 Million Livery Coverage Insurance as a fall-safe

Guaranteeing Safety

Screening Drivers

Hyride screens their drivers to make sure they are safe and compliant.

No Tolerance Policy

We have a no tolerance policy for a misdemeanor in any way.

When the Driver is Offline

When offline, the driver is not under our terms and conditions, but he or she cannot accept rides.


Hyride ensures that all your private information stays that way and that no one can access your information without your permission.

The Hyride Philosophy

The Hayride Philosophy is to provide drivers a safe and stable income and passengers with a comfortable ride. We aim to help drivers and passengers within an integrated community.

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