Drive with HYRIDE

Features We Provide

Drivers interested in providing their services in Boston and surrounding areas are in luck as Hyride can serve you in the best possible way.


Hyride allows drivers in the Boston area to provide rides to those coming in and out of the city.

Easy to Use

The Hyride driver app is pretty simple to use, and all you need is a smart phone to get started.

A Great Community

You can experience the provision of transportation in a friendly community.

Unbeatable Insurance

Hyride Partners are provided with a generous Livery Insurance Coverage as a safety net.

How does It work?

Open the App

Open the app on your device and turn the driver mode on.

Accept Requests

Requests will start pouring in, and this is your chance to accept one.

Passenger Pickup

Once you receive the passenger’s location, it’s time to pick them up.

Receive your Payment

The Hyride app processes the payment for you using the rider’s credit card information.


Hyride makes sure to take special care of the livelihood of the drivers by offering fair rates that would allow them to make a decent dollar from their service provision.

Passenger Ratings

If you can manage to get higher customer satisfaction rates, this will reflect positively on your reputation and more passengers will request for a ride from you.

Download the App

Whether you're a driver looking for a job or a passenger looking for a ride, download the Hyride app now and have the experience of a lifetime.